Facebook Live Mini Course by Jeff Sieh


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FB Live Mini Course

Are you struggling with Live video?

Do you want to know what tools you should invest in to take your show to the next level? Want to discover how to live stream at the same time to multiple platforms? Then this mini-course is for you.  

This training by Jeff Sieh, who has spend countless hours live-streaming his own weekly show as well as his other clients like Social Media Examiner, shares his secrets for creating consistent high quality productions.

This course is being offered at the pre-launch beta price of only $39.00. When the first lesson drops at the end of October, THE PRICE WILL GO UP! Reserve your seat for the beta NOW!

What You Get:

  •  Why Should You Live Stream?
  •  Terms You Need To Know
  •  Audio Tools
  • Different Types of Live Shows
  •  Software Tools for Live Video
  •  Hardware Tools for Live Video
  •  Tools & Tricks To Up Your Production
  •  Getting Over Live Video Butterflies
  •  Getting Started Checklist
  •  Streaming To Multiple Platforms Checklist

Jeff Sieh

Who is Jeff Sieh?

Jeff Sieh has been playing with video for over 20 years. He first got his start editing video on GIGANTIC VHS cameras for special projects in high school. His first editing computer was the envy of all his co-workers with a 240 megabyte hard drive. Luckily he was able to upgrade and was able to work on projects for some Hollywood legends as well as commercial projects shown on the big screen at Madison Square Gardens. He’s embraced live video since it was available on Google Plus and currently is a producer and host for Social Media Examiner.